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Elise Herrera
June 4, 2020 | Elise Herrera

introducing El Pasado | Heritage Series


Introducing El Pasado, the first in our new Heritage Series of wine.

El Pasado, meaning "the past" in Spanish has been crafted to honor and continue the legacy of our vineyard, Rancho Tierra Rejada. Originally planted in 1973, our vineyard is one of the oldest commercial vineyards in Paso Robles. The meticulous planning and development it took decades ago is a testament to the foresight of its founders.

El Pasado, in name and form, is represented by the oldest vines on the vineyard, a true expression of terroir. A Cote du Rhone Style Blend of Grenache (44%), Syrah (38%), and Petite Sirah (18%).



"The breath of the breeze

that gives life to the vines

is the same breath

that carries

our journey back

after a long day's ride

coming in from the range

on whatever highway we travel

the road that lies in front

is a shadow of the day

left behind

and promise to the lay of the land ahead

and every step closer to home becomes a reminder

that the load we carry

on the Earth we toil

to sustain our lives

and provide a legacy for our future

is a welcome burden

shared by friends

where at the end of the day

we are in good hands"

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